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We knew this had to become more than a way we eat and live and that we had to leave our corporate jobs and search for true meaning in what we do.

Over 2 years ago now I found myself feeling lethargic, unhealthy and very unhappy. I felt that will-power and discipline were not the real answers to choosing a healthier lifestyle, I had tried that a thousand times. I needed a driver, inspiration, something to change the way I think about food. So one day, at home on my own, I started to do some research into food and nutrition. After reading many books, and watching many documentaries, it was clear that there was only one logical choice for so many more reasons than I ever expected to find. I had to become vegan and I had to do it right now.

I was concerned about the difficulty this might cause for my meat-eating, live in partner, Rob, so I promptly asked how he would feel about living with a vegan, he was supportive. He then asked where this decision had come from, I shared what I had learned and he realised that he only had one choice available as well. So at that moment, and without delay, we embraced a full vegan lifestyle together and we have never looked back.

Since then our understanding of food, flavours, combinations, textures, and ways of cooking, have changed forever. We have been on the most amazing journey and the food we eat now is so exciting, vibrant, delicious, diverse and inspirational. Each meal is a discovery and there is so much more to learn, we don’t think we will ever explore it all. We realised that, although we were taking some flavours out of our ingredients list, so many flavours we know and love come from spices, herbs and vegetables. We realised that there is nothing we have to do without and no flavour we can’t recreate but what was more exciting was all the new flavours we had never explored before. We thought we were good cooks before becoming vegan, but now we can see we were wrong.

We had gone through such a huge transformation, our views on food, health, environment and animal welfare were turned completely upside down. Finally we could see things clearly, but we knew that talking about these topics with others, who had not been through this journey, could be challenging and difficult.

We decided to always be positive. We would support others through showing them great food, sharing what we had learned at the right times (generally not at a dinner table), and in a way that doesn’t cause negative feelings like blame or guilt. We also decided not to expect chefs and cooks to always be able to cater for us and to be grateful when they can instead. All in all this approach has worked well for us. We have dined with a dairy farmer, in his home (we made him a vegan pie which he loved), who actually agreed with our views on farming. This was possible because we all came to the conversation with honesty, interest and we listened to one another. Through being positive and supportive we were able to find more common ground that not. This approach has helped us to achieve support amongst our friends and family who are all happy to eat vegan when they visit and who have all found themselves pleasantly surprised by the food we have shared.

We knew that the only way we could help to change the world is to continue to share, with no expectation or blame. We knew that our anger and upset had to stay directed at the corporates, not at those who we love around us. We knew that if we could help one person choose one plant-based meal, instead of a meat meal, that is significant and amazing and has a real impact on the world. We knew this had to become more than a way we eat and live and that we had to leave our corporate jobs and search for true meaning in what we do. So we decided to help, through one meal at a time, positively and with love, and that is when crazy bean was born.

We hope you will join us on this ongoing, lifetime journey. We want our food to be your food, we want you to become part of crazy bean with us and start to change the world with us… meal at a time.

Krissi and Rob

crazy bean