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We are overwhelmed by the number of people who have got in touch and the amount of support we are receiving. We thank you all so much for making us feel so welcome.

This month has been super busy! Organising the crazy bean café sign, making plans for the café, and exploring new ingredients and ideas for the menu. There is a lot to do! We have also been reaching out to the vegan and vegetarian community in Surrey and we are overwhelmed by the number of people who have got in touch and the amount of support we are receiving. We thank you all so much for making us feel so welcome.

We have also received support from across the pond. We got in touch with the writer, director, and editor of Vegucated (the movie that started this amazing journey for us), Marisa Miller Wolfson, and she replied to say our story touched her and that she would love to visit the café. She has been so kind to tweet about crazy bean and share our message of thanks. So amazingly now support is even coming from overseas! A huge thank you to Marisa and we look forward to meeting you one day soon. If you haven’t seen Marisa’s movie it is a must watch. It is available on Netflix and you can see more about Marisa’s story here Get Vegucated

This amazingly positive response has prompted us to do some thinking about what it is we are doing, we asked ourselves, what is our vision? After much debate, we think our vision is to help to change the world. Hopefully, it is inspiring, it is certainly ambitious and daunting but perhaps every great vision is. Interestingly Marisa talks about changing the world with every bite and my previous blog, without realising it, aligns by talking about changing the world meal by meal. Thinking this through made us realise that we are not building a new vision, we are joining a vision owned by many. So many people have been changing the world for years and it is working.

The number of vegans in the UK doubled in the last two years. Majors like Tesco, Co-op, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda and others are all stocking more and more vegan choices. Animal Welfare policy is changing in developing countries, research on the benefits of plant-based diets is increasing and hitting online and mainstream TV, thanks to amazing people like Marisa. People are talking about it more and more and we are seeing our friends and family making more meat reducing choices.

Our visioning work has also made it very clear what we need to do to help crazy bean support this collective vision. Our initial plans are emerging and they are scarily ambitious!

We plan to build a café that is yours as well as ours, that is something we can all be proud of. We sincerely thank everybody who has been involved so far and into the future, this is your place and you are its success. We plan to encourage positive choices by sharing great food and quality information. We will continue to support the amazing groups, network, and associations that do so much important work to raise awareness. We will be seeking to provide vegan options into other food and distribution outlets in the future.

In the New Year, we look forward to announcing a crazy bean allotment project to encourage people to come together to grow vegetables and learn about food, and we are looking into the possibility of setting up social cooking clubs so we can create a space for everybody to share and develop new ways of enjoying amazing food. And watch this space because I have a sneaky idea of setting up some vegan singles evenings, but don’t tell Rob, he doesn’t know about this idea yet! Of course we will add to our plans as crazy bean takes shape but hopefully, this gives you a flavour of what you can expect over the coming months. Of course, all or your thoughts are welcome so please share any ideas or comments.

We want to commit to working with you all to do what we can to align with, and support, the collective vision. Together maybe, just maybe, we can continue to help to change the world!